Accounts Receivable Financing the UK


Are your customers paying too slowly? Or, is your small business growing too fast? Then the result may be a cash crunch. As your business continues to grow, it becomes more natural for your sales to get locked up in receivables. This particular problem may not affect the retailers, but most businesses are greatly affected by it. Are you one of those businesses? Then accounts receivable financing in the UK can help the cash of your business flow in the right direction.

So what is accounts receivable financing?

A kind of asset-financing arrangement, accounts receivable financing allows a company to make use of its receivables as collateral in a financing agreement. These receivables can be money or outstanding invoices that are owed by customers. So what is this agreement all about? Here, the accounts receivable financing company gives money to the original company against the unpaid receivables or invoices. If you are stuck in unpaid debts, accounts receivable financing can help you to free up the capital. We, on our BETALD platform, let you finance up to 99% of the invoice value.

Sell your receivables and improve your working capital!

BETALD is a renowned platform for accounts receivable finance that allows you to sell your invoices for early payment before the actual due date. BETALD not only handles all your transactions across your customers automatically but also allows your business to have additional cash flow in different countries as well as currencies. BETALD is a state-of-the-art receivables financing platform that offers cross-border financing at unbeatable and attractive rates with up to 99% of the invoice value. We are backed by a multitude of investors. With our solution, you get to sell your invoices and leverage a number of funding sources. And you can manage the whole process – from uploading the receivables to getting the payments – by using one single platform that is BETALD.

Sign up with BETALD today and get a continuous flow of cash with accounts receivable finance!

In order to use our BETALD platform, all you have to do is upload your invoices. Or, you can synchronise your online accounting system with us. Then it is processed and funded by a number of different sources. You get the money in your account within an hour the auction closes. BETALD allows you to easily manage as well as get access to your receivable financing from anywhere you want.

If you are a funder or an investor trying to manage risks as well as exposures of your sellers in real time, our BETALD platform can be extremely beneficial for you. The platform as well as the entire process is highly automated, which minimizes the manual workload and let the investors generate more revenues.

Why choose BETALD for your accounts receivable financing?

  • No minimum number of invoices required
  • There are no hidden fees
  • We don’t require upfront fees
  • We offer accounts receivable financing for as little as £100
  • Get discounts for referring our BETALD platform to your friends
  • Get your working capital within an hour after the auction closes

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