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Are you tired of applying for bank loans for your small business but it gets rejected every time? Well, business loans are hard to get in the UK and this becomes especially true if you are a start-up or a small business. At BETALD, we offer an alternative approach to traditional finance which responds to the changing needs of your business by growing in line with it. If you want to grow your operation, manage your cash flow or facilitate a strategic event, don’t let the shortage of cash hold you back. We offer you our business finance service in the UK, which is invoice finance. On our BETALD platform, we let you have access to the cash that is trapped in unpaid invoices in a secure as well as efficient way.

Business finance in the UK

Invoice finance is one of the best business finances in the UK. If you are thinking that it is a complicated process, then let us assure you that the reality is just the opposite. Actually, it is a straightforward process that starts with raising your invoice for goods and services. On our BETALD platform, once the invoice is raised for auction, you will start receiving bids on them. As our invoice finance platform is transparent, you get to select the bid that offers the most competitive interest rate as well as time frame. While most invoice financing companies offer only 80-85% of the invoice in advance, we at BETALD offer up to 99% of the invoice!

Achieve your business goals with our business finance in the UK!

Need money to keep your business operations moving? At BETALD, we offer business funding to our clients for a number of different reasons. Want money to facilitate the growth of your business? We are right here! Want to future-proof your business? We are ready to help!

Why choose BETALD to get finance for your business in the UK?

  • Technology

    The technology that we use on our BETALD platform is world-class. It not only delivers quick and instant access to funding from new invoices but also eliminates the need for laborious month-end reconciliations as well as paperwork, saving time and money for your business.

  • No contracts

    If you use BETALD platform, you will not have to sign any lengthy contract. There is no pesky minimum usage or personal guarantee requirements. We are completely hassle-free!

  • Quicker

    Need quick funding? With BETALD, you get paid for your invoice just within an hour after the auction closes.

  • Cheaper

    You will need to pay a minimal amount of fee to use our BETALD platform. There are no monthly fees, setup fess or hidden fees.

  • Affiliate program

    We value our loyal customers and so we offer them lucrative discounts when they invite other businesses to use our platform.

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