Are you keen on getting a business loan?

Think twice

All companies have cashflow problems no matter of size and age of company. The only difference is the bigger companies have bigger reserves than what a start-up has.

Most companies need support to grow and they do therefore try to get cash to support them in many ways. Sometimes they need to withhold their supplier invoices for some time which gives a bad reputation and generates anger at the supplier.

Lately loans have become very popular. It is simple to get if you have a good revenue and your company owners are prepared to put their private homes and assets as a collateral to the loan. If you do not have such collaterals, you cannot get it. And you also need to have had revenue for some years to even be able to apply for a loan.
If you do not have the above, there is no way than struggling and trying to get the money elsewhere.

For the ones that have assets and co-directors who are willing to sign a personal guarantee they still have to consider why they are doing it.

Years of interest

Having a loan of 10, 20, 30 or even 100 thousand accrue a lot of interest. Especially since you are likely to have it for some time. Most businesses do have the business loans for several years, so it becomes a burden in addition to paying off the debt.

Sometimes the lenders do require the directors to pay off the loans too. How does that work if your own company cannot pay for the loan and you have to do it with selling your house or having a private obligation…?

Gives bad credit scores

In addition, the credit scores for your company goes down. It affects the company financial profile since it is loading your profit and loss and balance sheet and you may get difficulties in ordering goods or services since they believe you are a bad company due to the bad scores due to the loan.

In the view of the above the invoice financing is much easier with us. Your credit score is not affected at all. This is money you get because it is your invoice you sell.

Paid immediately

We can check your invoices and your buyers. We pay you the money upfront and you do never again have to worry about the invoice payment if you have uploaded a valid invoice.

Our solution is ground-breaking! We can help any companies, small to large. And the biggest difference doing it with us is that any company with good buyers can get invoice financing. You do not need to have 1 million in revenue or be 500 years old…