Factoring Financing UK


Are you in the UK and are looking for factoring financing service for your small business? Look no further! At BETALD we offer a top-notch platform for factoring financing and are the answer to all cash flow issues of your small or medium business. BETALD let you have the cash to run your business in as less as 24 hours. What more do you need?

Are you a business that offers credit terms to your customers? Are you worried about when your customers will make the payment, if at all? When you are trying to run a business and maximize your profitability, these concerns are unnecessary distractions. This is exactly where BETALD come into the picture with factoring financing as a solution.

What are the benefits of factoring financing in UK?

  • Frees up your cash flow

    This is the main benefit of factoring financing. It provides you with the working capital when you need it the most

  • Saves time

    Factoring financing allows you to save time as well as effort that you would otherwise spend on collecting money from your customers. You can use this time to improve your other business endeavours such as marketing, sales and client development

  • No need for collateral

    Factoring financing does not require you to risk your valuable property as collateral

  • Cost-effective

    Compared to equity investors, factoring is less expensive

  • Getmore funding

    Factoring firms tend to give advance cash on up to 80-85% of your invoices, which is much more than what a bank would give you.


  • We aim at helping SMEs with their cash flow, even those with poor credit scores
  • We specialize in providing factoring financing to small and medium businesses in the UK
  • If you have a poor credit history, we don’t turn you away
  • We offer a number of advantages to both businesses and investors who use our BETALD platform
  • You can avail discounts if you participate in our affiliate program
  • If you are an investor, we have good news for you!Use our platform and you don’t have to pay any fee
  • If you are a business that is recommended by investors, you are eligible to use our platform for 3 months at completely free of cost!
  • If you are using a different factoring financing company at present and want to use BETALD platform, then we have a welcome offer for you. You can use our platform for 3 months at completely free of cost!
  • Our system can detect fraud. Yes! So you can have full trust in us
  • For businesses, our lending charges are the same. So there’s no surprise
  • We have years of experience in the factoring financing field and so we understand things that can help small business owners in the best possible way
  • While other factoring financing companies mostly offer only 80-85% of the invoice value, BETALD offer up to 99% of the invoice amount

With us, you can stay in control of your finances

On BETALD platformit is you who stay in control of all your customer accounts. We can let you have access to our secure, fast, reliable and easy-to-use online system that provides 24 hours access to your account information. This enables you to keep track of all your payments received along with the amount of funding that is available to you.

What you can do with our platform is that you can set what cost levels you will accept. Set 3% and the bidders can bid above but your auto accepts robot or your self can approve the ones below the level you set. And of course, you have to accept the bids above that level yourself if you have not got enough funding, but do it fast, an auction can be over in an hour only where after the cash is sent to you.

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