Why seek financing with BETALD?

The betald platform is an efficient and secure way for companies to access the cash trapped in unpaid invoices. The invoices are placed up for auction, where investors are free to place bids on them. Due to the transparency of the platform, companies can choose the bid that offers the most competitive interest rate and time frame.

Once the auction closes, up to 99% of the invoice is advanced. The remaining capital withheld is to cover commission and bank transfer fees.

  • Fast funds — Full automation means you can have funds in your account within one hour of completing a successful auction.
  • Flexibility on finance terms — You choose what you are willing to accept for receiving the advance from the investor.
  • Peace of mind — The platform provides security safeguards without compromising flexibility or transparency.

Why choose BETALD over traditional factoring?

Typically only 80-85% of invoice amount is eligible for financing Finance up to 99% of the value of the invoice
Minimum contract period A dynamic auction process helps reduce costs
Very high borrowing costs It is fast, fully automated and includes an e-invoicing capability
Old fashioned and slow infrastructure hinders processing Advanced cash is determined by payment history and individual debtorsr
Lending decisions are based on the creditworthiness of specific invoices Secured against the debtor who is responsible for the outstanding invoice
Financing is secured against personal collateral

How does it work?


Sync/upload your invoices

Synchronise your online accounting system with the BETALD platform or individually upload invoices


We process them…

Quickly and efficiently with customer approvals and e-invoices.


Receive funds

Transferred directly into your account within an hour after the auction closes